“Diane not only wants the best for your wedding day, but she wants the BEST for you as the bride…”

~July ’16 Bride

“Diane saved and incorporated every email, picture, thought, and conversation we ever had about the flowers, other decorations or the day-of wedding coordination and pulled it all off without a hitch!”

 ~June ’16 Bride


Diane Glock-Cornman

Diane’s design and tendency to create started while watching her mother create and design cakes.  While countless hours were spent learning these techniques, an appreciation for textures, colors and composition was born.  When not designing, she was found working and caring for her beloved Holstein cattle.  Nurturing and caring for living things is at the soul of who she is – creating a beautiful design and experience is essential to her.

For over 20 years, she has been lending her cake design skills to others and as of late branched out to include floral design.  It is a perfect marriage for her to take something locally or homegrown and utlitize it to its fullest potential.  Foraging for material is her favorite and purple just might be her favorite color.  

Picture by Christina Petersson Wolfe