Bulk Flowers

We offer bulk flowers for the person who would like to do their own arrangements for any event.  These are available the last week of June to October  You have several options:


  • Farmer’s Choice Buckets – $45 – (approximately 45 stems) these buckets are filled with a mixture of colors and textures to fill your own arrangements.
  • Color Palette Specific Bucket – $60 (if colors are available, 45 stem count) – these buckets are of a specific color family or complimentary color family. You must share what color you require and the variance needed.
  • Specific Flower Bucket – $85 – (45 stem count) these buckets are filled with a specific type of flower in a specific color (pink dahlias)
  • We offer “Farmer’s Market Bouquets” that can easily be put into a large mason jar, if you would prefer we gather them together. These are $18.


Supportive points:

  • We do not offer delivery for these options.
  • If you purchase one full bucket listed above, you may request individual bunches if you need a specific flower, herb or texture. These bunches are usually 10-12 stems of ONE type of flower. Cost determinant of flower type.
  • We offer 1-hour consultations on how to process and arrange flowers – cost $50.
  • Each bucket can accommodate 4-6 quart sized mason jars.
  • You are required to order these 2 weeks in advance to your event.
  • You are required to return the bucket after the event.
  • We also offer a la cart options for someone who would like us to do their bouquets or boutonnieres.

***Contact us for more information!