Flower Farm

January 25, 2017

Who doesn’t love looking at beautiful flowers and the four-legged wonders that share the land?  Growing up, flowers were such a luxury – only seen on special occasions – compartmentalized in formal, almost impersonal arrangements.  However, over the past few summers, it has been widely demonstrated to me just how much flowers speak to us all and should be enjoyed on a daily basis.   In season, we will have the freshest; farm cut flowers that provide sights and scents not had by commercially grown and processed flowers.

The flower farm is located in Elizabethtown, PA with additional acreage in Mifflintown, PA.  In addition to custom floral designs, we supply flowers for the DIY person or bride (see our “Bulk Flowers” for more information), farmers markets and our design team’s weddings. We grow a wide range of seasonal flowers, greenery and woody stems for various events.  We love to forage around the farms to find that unique branch to include in our designs. We will also be providing dried flowers and branches to enjoy in winter months – see our “shop” for more details.

It is very important to us to sustainably grow everything with an awareness that our soil constantly needs replenished and nurtured.  We use bio-control measures to offset pests to ensure you have the highest quality product possible, yet are not in contact with harmful chemicals.

In addition to our flowers, we have crossbred sheep, some Holstein heifers, chickens and a very spoiled Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Zeppa.  Manure handled from our larger critters is composted and used to enrich the soil and fuel the flowers and pastures.

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Why LOCAL?  Almost 80% of the fresh flowers sold in the US are not grown here.  They are grown in Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico and the Netherlands.  Importing flowers from these countries incurs huge transporation, energy, refrigeration, and storage costs – thereby leaving an enormous carbon footprint.  These floral materials may carry residue of chemical pesticides or fungicides.  Imported flowers are often cut a week or more before they arrive in a consumer’s hands.  During this time, quality and vase life decline!  Locally-grown flowers can be cut in the morning and be on your dining room table that evening!  (Source:  Association of Specialty Cut Flowers Growers)